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Gets information about an specific item. An item is indexed by a slug, which is the name of the item with spaces and punctuation signs replaced with - (hyphen).


Name Type Description
name string The slug of the item. E.g. flixel.
props string A coma separated string containing the field names you want from the item. E.g.: if you want to return just the name and description of an item, props would be name,description. If props is not set, all field names will be returned.


Requesting will produce the following return:

  "id": 20,
  "name": "Flixel",
  "description": "Flixel is collection of AS3 (...)",
  "excerpt": "Flixel is collection of AS3 files that helps organize, automate, and optimize Flash games.",
  "sample": "package { import org.flixel.*; (...)",
  "license": [
      "id": 46,
      "name": "MIT",
      "slug": "mit"
  "site": "http:\/\/",
  "repository": "git:\/\/\/AdamAtomic\/flixel.git",
  "twitter": "flixation",
  "stats": "flixel"